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Our One Medical team is here to help

Do you or your client have additional questions or concerns? Do you need help scheduling your client’s first appointment? Our team is a quick call away at 855-977-0652 on weekdays from 8am-8pm EST. After hours? Email us at 
and we’ll get back to you. Your feedback is always welcome!

Our practice is convenient, comfortable and part of the neighborhood

Our entire care team works with the patient on what’s most important

We help handle the endless paperwork and phone calls

We give patients all the time they need, there are no rushed appointments

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One Medical is currently welcoming new patients. You can be sure your clients won’t need a new doctor each year — giving you time back to focus on growing your client base. Tell us a bit about your client and we’ll be in touch with them shortly to welcome them to the One Medical community.


What if my client has questions or would like to schedule their first appointment?

Your client may call us at 855-977-0652 and our team will help answer questions and schedule their first appointment.

What types of information and/or resources can you provide brokers?

Our team is available Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm EST to answer your calls and emails — you can contact them at 855-977-0652 or They are your immediate point of contact for your concerns, client issues, and partnership requests. Additionally, they can help onboard your client and schedule their first appointment.

Which plans do you accept?

We accept traditional medicare with or without most supplement plans at all of our practices. Our Medicare Advantage plans vary by state. Please see below for some of the plans we accept in your client’s state and feel free to call us at 855-977-0652 if you have questions about whether we participate in their particular plan:

SF Bay Area – Medicare Advantage plans from Aetna and Alignment Healthcare.

Which Medicare supplement plans do you accept?

We accept Supplement Plans A – N at all practices. To find out if we can accept another supplement that your client may have, call us at 855-977-0652.

Do you have onsite labs, imaging or specialists?

We have onsite labs at each practice and imaging for ultrasound and/or x-rays at select locations. We refer our patients to their preferred providers, or have recommended providers that we work closely with if our patients don’t already have one. Our providers might have a specific field of practice that they specialize in such as osteopathic manipulation.

We help our patients navigate the healthcare system and work closely with preferred health system partners who are collaborative and high quality to ensure streamlined referrals and smooth transitions of care.

Providing better care for adults 65+ starts with communication between our healthcare team, patients, insurance providers and Medicare agents. Our team brings together every part of the   healthcare system to work together toward one goal – happier, healthier patients.

Are you a Medicare agent? Explore the resources below to learn more about our approach to senior care and understand what One Medical is all about. Prefer live training? Contact us at 855-977-0652 or and we’ll get someone in touch ASAP to tailor a training session specific to your team.

Which hospitals do you partner with for referrals?

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Care is always within reach at One Medical – schedule a virtual visit with the provider of your choice or access 24/7 virtual care right in the app.

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